COVID 19: We’re operational respectful and prepared

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to COVID 19

1.When I arrive in Toronto, I will need to quarantine for 14 days. Do you provide accommodations for 14 day quarantine stays?

Yes we can. We offer daily rates that are slightly higher than the monthly rates that we advertise on our website. For stays less than 30 days, 13% tax is charged. If you want to avoid the tax and get the best rate possible, we recommend making a reservation for a minimum of 30 days. You can contact us at for more details.

2.Will I be able to get groceries delivered to my suite before my arrival?

Yes. Given at least 3 days’ notice, our team can order all the items you need. You can send us a list, in which we will order all the items and bill you for the exact amount that these items are. There is a one time $25 delivery charge to have the items set up in your suite before your arrival.

3.Will I be able to get groceries delivered during my stay while in quarantine?

You will be able to get groceries delivered to your building for free if you stay for at least 30 days. Delivery during a stay that is less than 30 days comes with a charge of $25 per delivery.

4.I need proof of residence for my stay in Toronto, are you able to provide this?

Yes, this can be requested after securing a booking or during a booking. Our team can provide the proper documentation you will need to show the local authorities

5.Are the amenities open?

We operate our suites within a building independently of the people who operate the building and the amenities. Some buildings have opened their amenities and others haven’t. Some may close their amenities again. Unfortunately we do not have any control of what takes place in the common areas of the building. We are complying with decisions made by building managers/condo boards that have closed many amenities within the properties like the Fitness Centre, Pool, Sauna, Party Room, etc.