Why Choose A Short Term Rental Over a Hotel?

December 9th, 2015 by admin

When travelling for business or pleasure, one of the biggest challenges is finding accommodation that best fits your needs.  Typically, most extended travellers (staying for a month or longer) opt to book their stay at a hotel because they are not aware of other accommodation options that may better service them. However, now because the increasing presence of websites like Airbnb, Flipkey and others, consumers are starting become more educated as to what accommodation options are available to them prior to travelling. One of these options are short term rentals when booking extended stay trips.

If this is your first time hearing about this option, consider yourself lucky that you’ve found this article. This article explains the many advantages in choosing a short term rental company over a hotel.

Pricing: When booking a hotel it can be become very expensive, especially when looking to stay for an extended period of time; the cost can start to accumulating very quickly.  It is much cheaper to book a short term rental with a furnished apartment provider (usually half the cost), especially when booking for periods longer than a month. Further, any stay that is booked for longer than 30 days is HST exempt (13%).

Size: When booking with a short term rental company, you have a wide variety of furnished apartment options. If you are travelling, with a family you may want the extra space without having to book another room in order to satisfy you needs. Furnished rental providers have suites ranging in size from studios, one bedrooms, two bedrooms and three bedrooms; sizes and prices that can accommodate guests with many different needs. One advantage of booking with Extended Stay Suites is the number of diverse locations it has in the downtown Toronto core. Extended Stay Suites has properties in Yorkville, Lakeshore, King West, Hospital District, Financial District and many more.

Amenities: One of the common misconceptions about using a short term rental company is that they don’t offer the same types of amenities that most major hotels do.  This is flat out wrong.  Depending on the building, some short term providers offer services that rival most 5 star hotels.  It’s up to you as the consumer to find out what is available and determine what you are looking for amenity wise.

Hopefully these points have helped educate you in terms of what is available out there in the short term rental world. Always remember, it’s important to do your research and pick a company that has a good reputation. Be sure to check out reviews of the company to know what you are getting into through referrals, Facebook and Google+.  A good provider will also provide information and offer services like getting to know more about the city culture or city guides.